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I can't find the words to say,
To tell you that I feel this way,
I want you,
What can I do,
To make you want me next to you,
If you look at me you'll understand,
That all I want is to hold your hand,
I felt this way for so long,
It hurts me that I don't belong,
Wanting you is all a dream,
My heart aches I want to scream,
I smile and laugh,
Just thinking about you,
Together now, I wish it was true,
I always imagine your gentle touch,
If only you knew I felt this much,
Not being with you, I'm falling apart,
Because I don't know how,
To get your heart,
If you could only see the love in my eyes,
All of those nights I sat and cried,
Just look at me standing here,
Call my name and I'll be there,
How long the wait, I don't know,
But when that day comes I'll let it show,
If only you knew my feelings for you,
I'll stay hopeful,
That you feel the same way too!
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